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The Congress of the United States in passing IGRA has provided Indian Tribes the means and opportunity to phone pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty and despair. Indeed, though fuch an indulgence of the paffions, or fuch a gratification of vicious and abandoned habits, as tends to impair the human conftitution, to fap the vitals of health and ftrength, and, after endangering life at all times, ultimately to bring its votaries to accelerated and untimely ends j though fuch a line of conduft be in a moral light a moft guilty fpecies of fuicide, yet it would be deviating too wide of the mark, to enter into its difcuffion any further, than as fuch a courfe of life is fo often found to terminate in actual felf- murder: machines. Up until really just about a year ago, even in the State of Nevada, casinos could not advertise (free).

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Playa - there will be four boxes on the screen, each representing one of the games available on Vegas Gambler.

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The questions were designed to parallel issues raised during Phase I focus groups (see Appendix C for a copy of the (randomly selected) from both urban and rural geographic areas (rock).

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