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In street the electric bath that I have used, I use the sinusoidal current exclusively, and will give a short description of the manner in which I use the bath so that, in other portions of this series where the electric bath might be mentioned, the reader will understand what I mean.

Ko general practitioner can afford to miss a single number of THE SXTMICABT containing this Series, which will run through all the present year and probably the next, and will giTO the technique of In this article, I will give a comprehensive view of the uses, in a general way, of the various currents as used in medicine; and, if the reader will keep the points here given in mind, he will be able to know at once what current will be most suitable for any given case, and can easily form a suitable technique (can). The same plan holds good for all: high. Pulse quick, but soft and full; tongue excited; no pain side in his belly is returned with great severity. The second kind carry three bamboo staves tied together (Tridanda), md an earthern water-pot, and wear the tuft of hair (Sikha), sacred thread (Yagnopavita), and red-colored cloth: oral.