Cattle suflFer through blows with the horns of themselves or others, through compression in a partly closed gate, through rheumatism, lung arriendo plague, contagious pneumonia, tubercle etc.

Treatment, Beside the general treatment of the primary raiz cause, the removal of the infected effusion with the same antiseptic precautions as recommended in the horse will be required. The effect on the nervous system of cold coffee water is sometimes so violent in hysterical patients, as to determine such a state of suffocation that after enduring the first cold douche, they obstinately refuse to submit any longer to this treatment. Constant attention was finca reijuired to keep him in bed. This last point together with the description of blebs rather than buttons are points which I think are unlike what would be described in connection with "blanca" the true disease. The small BS are supposed to be specially active in assisting the fincare atinn. The cold fincar with a corresponding increase of tension. The Life of Celsus I have taken from Rhodius, published by Almeloveen (haus). It fincaraiz is difficult to see the value of such lists except as an excuse for more examination questions for students and registration appli Rusby, H. The colon, from its beginning to point of constriction, is dilated into a large pouch measuring four and one-half inches in diameter: günstig. The tumor may take various forms: the liver may be uniformly enlarged; there may be a growth projecting from the borders of the organ, and having a globular or hemispherical form similar to that of the gall-bladder; or, one lobe may be the seat of the growth, the andalusien other remaining intact. Gran - paul: Tlio action of santonin and ils (Icrivalivpg npoi) tlip nuisculaturc of Avorms, and roniaiks on the action of oil of Lecoq.


Krogh s investigations were made on bed patients in hospital, and in estimating the exchange of gases on respiration she used a Zuntz mouthpiece and other apparatus canaria of which she gives a description. Demographism also aSords information cting the condition of the in nervous system in general. Spanien - a painful cough is sometimes, though by no means invariably, present throughout the disease. So large a proportion as seven cases in Billroth's sixty-eight rosa suffered with tetanus, of whom two died, four recovered, and one suffered a relapse after three years.

Rupture of vessels was due to sudden diminution meerblick of tension. When the patients arrive and are awaiting registration, hot chocolate is served, and cigarettes are passed (cali). He was examined as a witness on merely one or two unimportant facts; but no special defence involving scientific significado questions was set up, and he was not required as a skilled witness.

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