Evidence Based Practice

As doctors we always strive to do the best for our patients and part of this involves practicing evidenced based medicine whereby treatments are supported by a body of evidence published in the scientific literature.

Conservative approaches to pain management utilise medication and various forms of rehabilitative therapy. Interventional radiology directed pain management aims to target the specific cause for symptoms, for example nerve root compression secondary to a disc prolapse or facet joint degenerative change. Compared with traditional pain management methods interventional therapies have demonstrated promising results in the medical literature.

Many interventional treatment options such as epidural injections have been around for years, while others such as percutaneous vertebral augmentation (vertebroplasty) represent newer developments in this field. TheSpineGroup consultant Dr Arul Ganeshan is nationally recognised as one of a small number of UK radiologists performing vertebroplasty. In our experience we have found that vertebroplasty recipients consistently report a high level of pain relief and we believe that when performed correctly it can be a very effective procedure. This is a novel therapeutic option which can play a pivotal role in relieving symptoms of osteoporotic or malignant vertebral body fracture.